Frequently Asked Questions

My vehicle is pretty big. Can you wash it?

We can wash vehicles up to 87″ tall which will accommodate full size vans. Tire width maximum is 12.5″.

Will your wax smear the windshield?

No. Waxes used at automatic car washes years ago contained oils. Today’s modern paint protectants contain ingredients such as polymers which will be streak free on glass.

Dirt, greases, pollution, road oil, tar, car fumes, and atmosphere’s pollutants build-up on your vehicle. When the combination of these substances is applied to the windshield and wiper blades, a streaking or smearing effect is noticed.

How long does your wax last?

We recommend one of our automatic protectants be applied at least once every three weeks or every other time you wash your car, whichever comes first.

Can you get those bugs off?

Yes. During bug season we apply a special bug removing chemical to the front and windshield of your vehicle.

Will tar come off my car in the car wash?

No. Products that remove tar will also remove your wax. There are many do-it yourself products at auto parts stores designed to remove tar. Kerosene will also dissolve tar. All these products need to be thoroughly rinsed off. Professional detail shops offer tar removal service by estimate.

I don't smoke, but my inside windshield develops a smoky film on it.

Plastic parts give off a sort of a gas as they age. The newer the car and the hotter the weather the faster you will experience the film on the glass.